The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It was a CHEESECAKE week!

​Hola Familia!!

Thanks for the emails and the pictures, I love getting pictures from you all. Getting those pictures with Jenna and her boyfriend was really weird but I got over it. I hope that she still is home when I get there, can't she put her availability date for after July 8th? That is when I come home, I know that for sure.​
​Sounds like a busy week for you guys, this week went by super fast again, I can't believe that this transfer is almost over. I think each month goes faster and faster​ and I will be home sooner than I think. I have this fear that when I go home, my mission will seem like a dream and that I will go back to how I was before, I don't want that to happen, I want my mission to change me. This is reality for me :)

Alisha and her husband
We had two baptisms this week and they were awesome! They were so spiritual and I just wanted to cry, I was so happy. There is nothing more satisfying than to see someone get baptized who you love and have worked with and gone through so much with. Alisha was crying when she came out of the water and Kayla, who is Shonna's age, was so happy and pretty. I sang at both baptisms and one man came up to me after, asking me if I took singing lessons, which I told him that I never took lessons. He was really surprised :) My weekend was crazy but amazing. We are teaching a family of 4 kids and they are so cute, I love teaching them. Children are so receptive to the spirit and they teach me so much. There is a reason that the Savior wants us to be like little children.

My Sunday went really well! An investigator just showed up to church! That was a miracle! and the members are amazing in this branch. I keep feeling like I am going to get transferred but I can't really know until next week. I don't want to leave the ward but at the same time, it is time to be somewhere new. I can't believe that I have been here for 7 months. I am definitely coming back here when I come down for school. These members are like my family.

We hit our "Standard of Excellence" this week which are the goals that President Moffat has set for the key indicators. When you reach them, he takes you to "The Cheesecake Factory"   YAY!   so that is why it was a cheesecake week.  Lunch with President Moffat is really fun. 

I got to spend the whole day yesterday with President Moffat at our Leadership council. I feel like he is my dad, who corrects me when I need correction but he is so loving and only wants the best for us. He just wants to baptize before the mission ends, and I do too!

Being a Sister Training Leader is fun but stressful, we have a lot more responsibility but it helps me to grow. I am trying to love my sisters that I am over but sometimes they don't love me back, which I know happens a lot. I just want them to know that I am only here to help them and support them, not to judge them or criticize them. Hopefully their hearts can soften.

-I need to buy a new backpack but it has to be cute. That is sister Moffat's requirement. I might just buy something from DI that can last me for the rest of my mission and then buy something cute when I come home. My backpack always ends up smelling like peoples' houses and stuff :) SO I might need like 20 dollars for that. I had to buy a new watch and sticky notes and stuff today, which is why I spent money at Walmart from my card. 

-I deferred my spot in BYU for the fall of 2015. I already have a spot and 14 credits is fine. Just do general classes but make sure that they use any AP credits that I earned. Maybe sign up for an interior design class, just in case I want to go into Wedding planning haha

Someone sent me a card with $20 in it! There was no name but if they are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That was so kind and I will use that money for something very special. 

I might need some new shirts soon but I will just wait until it is warm again, This week is supposed to get chilly but the members help us a ton.

My companions are awesome! We are having a lot of fun together and working hard! It will be weird  to go back to just one companion, it will be too quiet :)

I love you all and I am glad to be serving here in Utah. We are reading in the Book of Mormon in 2nd Nephi, about how Utah will be upon the tops of the mountains and all nations shall flow unto it. That is so true and I know that the Lord is preparing his Children to receive the Gospel.

Have a great week! Keep sharing the Gospel!
Hermana Warren

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