The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lake Green Leaf

Hola Familia!

Thanks for the great skype on Sunday :) yeah, I am sure that it would've been harder to see you crying hahaha, but don't worry. I just couldn't believe that this was my last skype. It really hit me that the next time I see you all, it will be in person :) 

Dad, your job sounds really fun and scary! You are awesome for doing it. I always want to keep learning new things. The mission experience has been the biggest learning experience of my life. Just from entering the CCM, learning a new language, entering the field, being a REAL missionary, new companions, new areas, making dumb mistakes, finding those who are prepared, being called to train, being called as a Sister Training leader, giving trainings in zone trainings and zone conferences.....EVERYTHING has helped me so much and I have learned so much about myself and I have gained a lot of courage and changed and become better. I have learned from my mistakes and learned to trust in God. I think that we should continue to have "scary" experiences, where we don't know if we can do it and we don't know what it is going to be like. It is in those experiences that God can help us learn more about ourselves and we can become more like Him.

I hope Lydia gets to stay for one more year at Jason Lee, I will pray for her. 

I miss singing in CHOIR! Enjoy it, Ronnie! I really want to sing at BYU but we will see what happens. I loved helping at Special Olympics. The girls should join Buddy club at the high school. My friends and I did that and it was really fun. You learn a lot from working with those sweet kids. 

My companionship is really fun. There was a spider by my bed last night, around dinner time. I was SO scared to squish it because it was big and I was scared it would jump on me and every time I would get close to it, it would move a little bit and I would just JUMP off the bed. Hermana Uelese took a video on her Ipad.....but you can probably see it in your head :) For Christmas, you bought us that Harry Potter game on the Wii and I played it and there is a part when you have to run through the Chamber of Secrets and the spiders jump on you.....I remember throwing the wii remote in the air because I would get so scared haha

It is supposed to rain this weekend again...Pray for me! 

We had a fun day yesterday! We taught Seminary at Hillcrest high school and it was fun! Seminary students are intimidating haha...but we got a lot of referrals. This seminary is HUGE! There are 5 hired teachers and the building is so big! We talked with the teachers for a little bit and they are so fun. I believe that a requirement for being a seminary teacher is being a little sarcastic and just so funny. I was laughing so hard, I missed seminary a lot but I like being a missionary more :)

We also had an FHE at a members house with our investigators and it was really fun. The family got baptized about 2 years ago and they are amazing. The husband is a ward missionary and his testimony is so strong. Our investigator said that she really wants to be baptized now and wants to go to church every Sunday :) MIRACLE!

I love seeing the little miracles in the mission. But we don't have to be a missionary to see miracles. If we look for miracles everyday, we will be more grateful.

PRAY FOR OPPORTUNITIES TO SHARE THE GOSPEL EVERY DAY! The Lord has done harder things.....he can give you the courage to share it. President Plum, a member of the mission presidency, looks for one opportunity to share the Gospel every day and it is AMAZING how he always is sharing the Gospel. He is a great example for me, you all need to meet him one day :)

I love you all so much and miss you :) I pray for you all everyday and I love serving the Lord.
Hermana Warren

Pics:   1. ME and sister Banka,  2. a man who let us borrow his jackets when it was raining, 3. the "sea" of the Green Leaf apartments, the drain doesn't work too well when it rains​

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!!

Hola Familia! Como estan? Estoy muy bien :) 

I will skype you all at 6, so it will be 5 there at home :) You have to call me, I can't call you........ I don't want to talk about a lot here in the email but I will share one story with all of you :) If there is any school stuff to talk about, we can talk on Sunday ;)

Also, I keep you all in my prayers, especially Jenna. I was happy that you are going to be home when I come home but I know how hard that much be. YOU CAN DO IT! Turn to Heavenly Father for help and comfort :)

We had the cool experience yesterday. We were talking to a man, sitting outside of some shady apartments that we are always in and we gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment. When we walked away, I felt like I should invite him to an FHE that we were heading to right then. I was rationalizing, saying that he wouldn't want to go or that he was going to say No or something! HE wasn't doing anything! Why not invite him, right? .... but I pushed it away. Sister Uelese and I both stopped walking and we looked at each other and Sister Uelese apparently got the same impression and we both turned back and she invited him to the FHE and he said that he would come! We told him that we would come back to pick him up. We picked up two guys that we are teaching and then another girl we are teaching and then we knocked on the guy's door and there he was! All ready to go and he came with us and we taught Lesson 2 and he said that he would prepare for May 30th for baptism. It was the coolest experience for me! The Spirit doesn't usually make himself known when he needs us to do something, we just get the idea to do something or say something. I learned a lot about the Spirit and how we shouldn't doubt at all! And we should always look for opportunities to teach people. i have learned to be really bold here in this new area, I want to be bolder with others and I learning and changing.

So this Sunday, I am giving a talk about Mothers and Missionary Work. Mom, I don't know if you have time but can you right a small paragraph about how you have felt while being a missionary mom. and you can write it in Spanish :) You would be the best source because I don't know what it is like. You can email it right to me, I can read emails during the week, I just can't respond.

We are doing a lot more with our ipads.....we are putting our WHOLE area book in the ipad and we had a whole training meeting on it :P Sometimes technology gives me a head ache but it will make organizing teaching records a lot easier and we will have all of our potentials in the ipad with us! That is really nice!

My companion and I are having a lot of fun. My spanish is getting better because I have to help her a lot and it makes me realize EVERYTHING that I do know and EVERYTHING that I don't know haha, I am excited to speak in Spanish with Mom and Dad and Sammie when I get home :) haha

I am trying to think if there is anything else that happened.....I am getting pretty tan :) I love being on my bike in the sun, it is the best!

I love you all!! See you on Sunday!
Hermana Warren

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Hola Familia!!

Thanks for the updates, I know that everything will be fine with Jenna, I will fast for her on Sunday. Maybe they will move her date for August haha :)

But sounds like Dad is pretty busy with the jobs and Mom is busy with YCL stuff. When is camp this year? 

I have been pretty busy too, every day go by so quickly. We found a lot of people to teach last week and I am learning how to be really bold with people. We meet a lot of hispanics that need a little nudge so we can get in the door. We meet a lot of single men, so we can't even go in! We have to wait until we can a member with us. We are actually teaching a lot of single guys but don't worry! I am one tough gringa and they are always surprised at how well I speak spanish. I did get asked to going dancing last week by a guy we met on the street but I handled it pretty well. I am learning so much about this culture and how you have to know how to joke but be serious at the same time. I find myself speaking like them, being sassy and blunt. hahaha it is really fun. I love speaking spanish :) I plan on using it for the rest of my life. There is a reason that the Lord wanted me to learn it.

We are teaching a few people but we are always looking for more people to teach. No one is really progressing at this point which is really hard for me. Sometimes people aren't home for their appointments and we have a hard time getting in contact with them. In my other side of Midvale, we had a hard time finding people to teach but those we found would usually progress. Here, there are SO many people to teach but most won't open the door again. The hard part is finding those who will progress towards baptism. But I know that there is a family of 6 waiting here, I can feel it!!! I just need to find them.

I realized that I haven't used a talent that Heavenly Father gave me as much as I should. We took two of our investigators on a chapel tour and finished in the Chapel and I sang "Soy un Hijo de Dios" and the spirit was very strong. My investigator said that he felt something in his heart. If I could, I would start each lesson with a hymn, to bring the Spirit. I love music so much. Singing in Spanish is probably one of my favorite things to do :) I sang "Yo se que vive mi Senor" in sacrament meeting and it went great! 

What time do you have church? I have church from 1 to 4 and so we would have to skype in the evening. We could it at 6? It would be 5 there in Richland. Let me know!! I will send you the skype info next week. 

I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Warren this week! thank you for that! It was an answer to prayer because last night was a bad night and everyone was bashing with us and we lost two investigators because Mom pulled permission. That letter helped me so much! Thank you :)

I am staying busy and working hard! I am leaving my mission better than I found it!! I am so close to my mission goal for baptisms! Pray that I can find 6 more people to teach and baptize!

Thank you for your support! I love you all and can't wait to talk to you on Mother's day!
Hermana Warren