The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Feliz Cinco De Mayo!!

Hola Familia! Como estan? Estoy muy bien :) 

I will skype you all at 6, so it will be 5 there at home :) You have to call me, I can't call you........ I don't want to talk about a lot here in the email but I will share one story with all of you :) If there is any school stuff to talk about, we can talk on Sunday ;)

Also, I keep you all in my prayers, especially Jenna. I was happy that you are going to be home when I come home but I know how hard that much be. YOU CAN DO IT! Turn to Heavenly Father for help and comfort :)

We had the cool experience yesterday. We were talking to a man, sitting outside of some shady apartments that we are always in and we gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment. When we walked away, I felt like I should invite him to an FHE that we were heading to right then. I was rationalizing, saying that he wouldn't want to go or that he was going to say No or something! HE wasn't doing anything! Why not invite him, right? .... but I pushed it away. Sister Uelese and I both stopped walking and we looked at each other and Sister Uelese apparently got the same impression and we both turned back and she invited him to the FHE and he said that he would come! We told him that we would come back to pick him up. We picked up two guys that we are teaching and then another girl we are teaching and then we knocked on the guy's door and there he was! All ready to go and he came with us and we taught Lesson 2 and he said that he would prepare for May 30th for baptism. It was the coolest experience for me! The Spirit doesn't usually make himself known when he needs us to do something, we just get the idea to do something or say something. I learned a lot about the Spirit and how we shouldn't doubt at all! And we should always look for opportunities to teach people. i have learned to be really bold here in this new area, I want to be bolder with others and I learning and changing.

So this Sunday, I am giving a talk about Mothers and Missionary Work. Mom, I don't know if you have time but can you right a small paragraph about how you have felt while being a missionary mom. and you can write it in Spanish :) You would be the best source because I don't know what it is like. You can email it right to me, I can read emails during the week, I just can't respond.

We are doing a lot more with our ipads.....we are putting our WHOLE area book in the ipad and we had a whole training meeting on it :P Sometimes technology gives me a head ache but it will make organizing teaching records a lot easier and we will have all of our potentials in the ipad with us! That is really nice!

My companion and I are having a lot of fun. My spanish is getting better because I have to help her a lot and it makes me realize EVERYTHING that I do know and EVERYTHING that I don't know haha, I am excited to speak in Spanish with Mom and Dad and Sammie when I get home :) haha

I am trying to think if there is anything else that happened.....I am getting pretty tan :) I love being on my bike in the sun, it is the best!

I love you all!! See you on Sunday!
Hermana Warren

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