The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lake Green Leaf

Hola Familia!

Thanks for the great skype on Sunday :) yeah, I am sure that it would've been harder to see you crying hahaha, but don't worry. I just couldn't believe that this was my last skype. It really hit me that the next time I see you all, it will be in person :) 

Dad, your job sounds really fun and scary! You are awesome for doing it. I always want to keep learning new things. The mission experience has been the biggest learning experience of my life. Just from entering the CCM, learning a new language, entering the field, being a REAL missionary, new companions, new areas, making dumb mistakes, finding those who are prepared, being called to train, being called as a Sister Training leader, giving trainings in zone trainings and zone conferences.....EVERYTHING has helped me so much and I have learned so much about myself and I have gained a lot of courage and changed and become better. I have learned from my mistakes and learned to trust in God. I think that we should continue to have "scary" experiences, where we don't know if we can do it and we don't know what it is going to be like. It is in those experiences that God can help us learn more about ourselves and we can become more like Him.

I hope Lydia gets to stay for one more year at Jason Lee, I will pray for her. 

I miss singing in CHOIR! Enjoy it, Ronnie! I really want to sing at BYU but we will see what happens. I loved helping at Special Olympics. The girls should join Buddy club at the high school. My friends and I did that and it was really fun. You learn a lot from working with those sweet kids. 

My companionship is really fun. There was a spider by my bed last night, around dinner time. I was SO scared to squish it because it was big and I was scared it would jump on me and every time I would get close to it, it would move a little bit and I would just JUMP off the bed. Hermana Uelese took a video on her Ipad.....but you can probably see it in your head :) For Christmas, you bought us that Harry Potter game on the Wii and I played it and there is a part when you have to run through the Chamber of Secrets and the spiders jump on you.....I remember throwing the wii remote in the air because I would get so scared haha

It is supposed to rain this weekend again...Pray for me! 

We had a fun day yesterday! We taught Seminary at Hillcrest high school and it was fun! Seminary students are intimidating haha...but we got a lot of referrals. This seminary is HUGE! There are 5 hired teachers and the building is so big! We talked with the teachers for a little bit and they are so fun. I believe that a requirement for being a seminary teacher is being a little sarcastic and just so funny. I was laughing so hard, I missed seminary a lot but I like being a missionary more :)

We also had an FHE at a members house with our investigators and it was really fun. The family got baptized about 2 years ago and they are amazing. The husband is a ward missionary and his testimony is so strong. Our investigator said that she really wants to be baptized now and wants to go to church every Sunday :) MIRACLE!

I love seeing the little miracles in the mission. But we don't have to be a missionary to see miracles. If we look for miracles everyday, we will be more grateful.

PRAY FOR OPPORTUNITIES TO SHARE THE GOSPEL EVERY DAY! The Lord has done harder things.....he can give you the courage to share it. President Plum, a member of the mission presidency, looks for one opportunity to share the Gospel every day and it is AMAZING how he always is sharing the Gospel. He is a great example for me, you all need to meet him one day :)

I love you all so much and miss you :) I pray for you all everyday and I love serving the Lord.
Hermana Warren

Pics:   1. ME and sister Banka,  2. a man who let us borrow his jackets when it was raining, 3. the "sea" of the Green Leaf apartments, the drain doesn't work too well when it rains​

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