The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"If the Grape is on the vine too long, it begins to rot!"‏

Hola Familia!
Those are President Moffat's words to me last night when he called me on the phone and told me that he wanted me to stay in Union Fort ONE MORE TRANSFER! I guess I am not rotten enough yet haha! By the end of this transfer, I will have spent HALF of my time in the mission field in Union Fort Rama 10. I am so blessed to have served in this branch, I am so excited to come back after my mission and party with all of these latinos. I bore my testimony in Sacrament meeting, saying goodbye and everything because I was 100% sure that I was leaving. Everyone was coming up to me, telling me that they would miss me and loved me. One of the counselors said that he was going to call President Moffat and demand that I stay in the branch until I finish my mission. Who knows right?

But I was very flattered to have President call me last night to tell me about my transfer situation. He said that he had put a lot of prayer into this decision because he said that I had done such an amazing job in Union Fort, he used the words "marvelous" and "magical" to explain what I have been doing. He is scared to take me out because this ward is on fire and he knows that the ward and stake members love me and he is amazed at how well I am working with them to have so much success. I don't tell you this to brag or anything....I was just very surprised to have him call and tell me this and it shows that with Obedience, diligence, and a lot of prayer, you can CHANGE an area. I am happy to  be here for one more transfer. I will still be here with Sister Montoya, Sister Banka is going to Taylorsville.

We had a ton of snow this morning, it was amazing, but now it is all melting. I am SO excited for spring, you have NO idea. I am ready to bike without my coat and gloves. I was blessed with a very mild winter. Heavenly Father answers prayers. 

Everyone sounds like they are doing great! I am so excited for Jenna!!!!  serving a mission. Jess, congratulations getting that job!! I wish I could play more sports like the girls, I need to lose some weight haha. If you send anything in a package, send healthy food, I want to be able to wear a swimming suit when I come home.

There is a lady here in Utah that is going to the Tri-Cities this weekend. She has a red Prius and she will be dropping off a box and a bag of clothes. The bag is for the girls, the box has clothes in it for me when I come home. ENJOY!!

We had a meeting last thursday with Elder Clark, from the missionary department and he introduced the I-pad and how our mission would be getting those in a couple of weeks. I heard that the mission was going to buy some loaner I-pads for those going home in the next 4 months, so I am included in that but I can also buy one if I want. I wouldn't mind bringing home an ipad but it is up to you.

I love how they are doing this, even though I was a little hesitant about the Ipad at first because I know that it will be a distraction at first but the way the authority explained, they want to teach missionaries how to protect themselves from pornography while they are on their mission, so they can know how to avoid it when they go home. They are focusing on working inside - out...changing the hearts and minds of the missionary, which will them help them use technology during and after their mission. I am very excited for the i-pad and the leaders of the mission are going to have to train on how to use the ipad when doing missionary work. 

Yesterday we had an amazing experience. We are teaching someone, who has fallen on and off date because of word of wisdom problems or church and he wasn't really sure if he wanted to be baptized because he hadn't received an answer. He read the Book of Mormon with his member wife and he said that he had prayed but didn't feel anything. So, about last friday, when he was running out the door to play soccer, I committed him to pray OUT LOUD in the car and to ask God if this was all true. We didn't ever have a chance to follow up about the pray until last night, when we were in a lesson. We asked him about it and he said he did pray and that he cried! He felt the Spirit and we asked him what that means for him and he said that he needs to keep following the path that he is on. To check for understanding, we asked him what THAT meant, and he said that it means that he needs to keep coming to church and be baptized. We committed him to be baptized on the 21st and he excepted. His wife was about to pass out because she was so happy. We then asked another question, asking him what changes he is going to have to make to be baptized and he instantly answered with "I need to stop drinking." He gave us his beer that he had in his frig and we threw it all in the dumpster. That was an amazing experience for me because we have been praying that he would receive and RECOGNIZE his answer and that his heart would soften. God is a God of miracles!

I love being a missionary and I plan on living up these next 4 months! In a leadership meeting we had last week, I told president that I want to leave the mission better than I found it, because I am "dying" with the mission. He loved the phrase so now, he is using it in everything he talks about
"Leave the mission better than we found it."

We even had a small mission meeting before we met with Elder Clark and we focused on that theme as a mission. Then he asked me to bear my testimony to the entire mission! He didn't tell me before hand so I was completely thrown off but I got up there and told them that we are hear to baptize and that the Lord will help us. I want to be a good sister training leader and be more confident in myself. There is a lot of responsibility but the Lord has helped me this whole time and I know that he will keep helping me. I want to help these sisters baptize.

This is the Lord's work. We need to WORK if we want to get anything done, that is why it is called Missionary WORK. If we aren't working hard, we are just being
tourists :)

thank you for everything that you have done for me. I talk about you all ALL the time, the Lord has blessed me with such an amazing family. Keep sharing the gospel, the lord will put someone in your path.

Hermana Warren

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