The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Monday, February 9, 2015

I Know This is the Saviors Church

Hello Family!
Thanks for all of the updates today! I love hearing about everyone and what's happening!  Good luck in basketball, Shonna and Lydia! I wish I could be there to watch you play.

I have such a beautiful family :) I am so grateful for all of you. You are such great examples for me and I can't wait to give you all a big hug in 6 months. But don't worry, I get lots of hugs from members so that will hold me over until then. 

We have a lot happening this week! Then Temple tomorrow.....BOO YA!! Super excited. That temple is beautiful. Then a mission conference the next day, and then the BODA (wedding) on Saturday. It will be really fun and a miracle because he is finally getting married! Sometimes we just need some patience, the Lord's timing isn't our timing. That is something that I am learning. 

Sorry, my email won't be that long today. We are going Ice skating as a zone today! I will take some pictures and send them next week.

I am doing ok, I feel a little sick and I am SUPER tired each morning.....I am going to take a nap today. I don't want to get sick, it sucks to be sick on the mission. 
Here is a cool story that we had this week:

Mirna and Felipe are  on date for the 31st, they are solid. We had a really cool experience on Sunday with them. Felipe just got a new job and they scheduled him to work on Sunday right during the hour of our meeting. We told them that there was another spanish ward that he could go to at 9, and it was very close. So he said that he will go to the other sacrament meeting. Sunday night, we had a lesson with them and he told us of his experience that morning getting ready for church. Their small baby started coughing all night that night and didn't sleep, so therefore, he had to stay up with the baby until 3 in the morning. He was super tired but he still was able to take the baby at 8ish to a member's house so he could go to the sacrament meeting. He couldn't find his keys and he was just so tired and frustrated that he was about to give up and not go. Then he remembered that we had told him the day before that Satan would throw EVERYTHING at him on Sunday to keep him from going. When he remembered that, he KNEW that he needed to go and he wasn't going to let Satan win. He went to church and felt so peaceful there. That was a testimony builder for me that we can overcome all the problems on Sunday. Isn't it interesting that we always had problems right before church? I have seen that a lot on my mission and it is just evidence to me that church is the most important place we can be.

I love you all so much. 
I need new glasses, they are falling off my face :)
Any news on school? I am not sure when I am supposed to sign up for classes.
I haven't gotten mom's letter yet. Enjoy those Jesus videos! I love watching them.
Thanks for being amazing! 

I know that this church is true. I wouldn't be biking in the snow and rain if it wasn't :)

Hermana Warren

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