The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Having the Pure Love of Christ

Hola Familia!

Here I am again! I swear I was just here, writing to you all, and now I am back. 


Thank you for all the updates! TOLO dance looked super fun Sammie!  Jenna, I about started crying when I heard that you are going to work on your mission papers. The mission is amazing, you are going to learn so much from it! The time goes by so quickly! You will never regret serving the Lord, it is one of the few callings in the church where you can devote all your time and energy to it. 


Mom, I would definitely get a perm again, probably a beach wave. That is what I wanted last time but I didn't know very much about perms so I ended up looking like Tigger :) But I actually just cut my hair again, like when I cut it like the girl from Safehaven. I realized that my hair isn't meant to be long, it brakes too easily. This time, my bangs are the same length which makes it cuter :) I have to have my hair short because it is HOT HOT HOT here! In February!!!! It has been about 60 each day and beautiful. I don't know who else was praying for a mild winter but God answers prayers. Of course, the snow can still come but many people are saying the the winter is over. I am pretty happy, I don't know if I will need all the hand-warmers that you sent me :)


Thank you for the supporting emails and letters. This week has been a tough one, thinking about the state of our mission right now and how everything is struggling. I want to "kill" this mission with a BANG! I want to give my all and leave it all on the field. I want the other missionaries to have this desire as well. I just want to baptize!


Whenever I see an airplane, my stomach feels weird. There is a thing in the mission where you ask your companion, "How far away is that plane?" and then they respond with how many months you have left. I saw a plane today and asked myself that question. I scared myself by responding with "Less than 5 months". I can't believe that I am on the downhill part of my mission. I only have 5 more months to do this!!!!! This doesn't make me trunky, but helps me to feel the urgency to find, teach, and baptize. 


I went on exchanges with a sister in Murray yesterday and I was able to talk to my first family that I baptized! The Roman family! Remember them? She called us and was so happy to hear my voice. They are preparing to enter the temple in the end of march! I can go to their temple sealing as a family! I am so excited!!!! I just wanted to cry when I heard her voice, I love this family so much! Your mission is all about the relationships you have, with God, Jesus Christ, your leaders, those you teach and baptize, members........these relationships make it all worth it! Isn't amazing? When it comes down to it, PEOPLE are more important than anything else. I can feel the love that Heavenly Father has for every one of his children. 


My companionship is going great! I love being with these sisters and we have a lot of fun together. I feel like a trio again, when me and jess and jenna all slept in the same room downstairs. 


I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day! I love you all so much! I am sending a letter :) I just appreciate you all and I feel like I won't recognize anyone when I come home, you all have changed so much. That is my favorite part about the Gospel, that we CAN change if we want to! You can be a different person! How beautiful is the plan of Salvation!


This is what president moffat said to my email to him:


Sister Warren,


I don't think the Lord ever punishes us with "slow baptizing" months. He blesses us for our obedience (DC 82:10) according to his own will and time (DC 88:68). I think you are right to set high goals and not lower your expectations (PMG p. 10) PMG p. 10 gives us the conditions of a successful missionary which you are!!


Keep baptizing,

Pres. Moffat


That brought peace to my heart :)


Other things:

I might need to fix my bike, it will cost $40. I am debating if I should wait to fix it right before I go home, but my back brake doesn't work so I will probably take it in next Tuesday. So you could put a little bit more in, that would be awesome.


I might need some new or different clothes soon. I am getting really tired of the clothes that I am wearing. I might look through some bags that I have but I will probably get a new shirt or something.


Just let me know about BYU, and I need to do anything.






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