The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Highs and Lows of Missionary Work

I love my family :)

I love reading about everything that is going on with my family. 

Dad: seeing that picture of you eating the raw onion almost made me sick...I have never been a fan of onions but I am glad that you were able to share that blessing of onions with others.
Mom: I got your letter. I am just tearing apart that talk in my personal study! Also, I have always liked that experience about Katy Call bringing you pretzel-jello salad. It is so cool to see how much influence our family members on the other side of the veil have. I liked reading uncle Rob's experience that dad sent. Grandpa just loves his family so much and doesn't want any empty chairs in heaven.
Jess and Jordan: I am sorry that I never say something to you in my emails :( I feel bad. But dad sent me a picture of baby "Pongo"! Are you having that puppy? HE is SO CUTE!!!!!
Jenna: How is the PCC? That is so cool that you are working there
Sammie: When is homecoming? What dress are you wearing? TELL ME EVERYTHING!
Ronnie: Are you still there? How is High school? Are you in choir with Fryhling?
Shonna: Over hand serves? Talks in church? Your hair was down? Wow. You are really growing up
Lydia: Of course I remember you! There is a girl who just got baptized and she reminds me of you :)

Yeah, so this week was really weird. It was great at first, we had a bunch of investigators on date, we had 11 on Saturday! But then sunday came...........CRASH AND BURN! You would think that church attendance for investigators would be so high here in Utah, especially since we have a chapel on EVERY corner. But Satan knows that and we only had 1 investigator at church. That was Teresa. She is awesome, she even brought a non-member friend with her. She is going to be a great missionary in the ward. The saddest part was the Velez Family. MY LITTLE FAMILY DIDN'T COME!!! Saturday night, we passed by to remind them about church and Fernanda was just leaving to "go out" with her friend. When people say that, that usually doesn't mean anything good. They didn't come to church and we have tried going by all day yesterday and they wouldn't open the door. We biked to their house, in the rain, and they live about 30 minutes away on our bikes. We did that about 3 times yesterday because she wouldn't answer her phone. I hope we can find them tonight, we have no idea what happened to them.

Anyway, last thursday was my year mark for going through the temple! That was pretty cool! I miss the temple a lot. 

The General Womens conference was awesome! I loved watching that and listening to the talks and just being spiritually re-charged. WE were FREEZING during the whole meeting because it had been raining the whole day and we didn't have rides and my rainjacket that I thought was a waterproof jacket actually wasn't waterproof. And my big coat was waterproof for a while but then it got soaked too. So there are some waterproof jackets at walmart  but they cost a lot :(

So my email is kind of all over the place. President Moffat just made a rule of hour and a half of emailing......because some people would be on the computer for 3 or 4 hours! 

So, I am going to conference this weekend!!! I won't tell you which session but we are taking our investigator Teresa with us. I am so excited :) I will take lots of pictures, ok?

We had lunch with President on Saturday at the Cheesecake Factory. I ordered Salmon for lunch and cookie dough cheese cake. YUM! Speaking of food, we have been getting a lot of food this week. We went to Kneaders and a man bought us like a billion cookies and then Aunt Janell brought me more treats! Man, I am spoiled here in Utah.

I just want to share a cool experience that I had with the spirit. We were with a member and we were heading over to visit the Velez family when I had the thought to visit the Ojeda family. I wasn't planning on visiting them but we went and they just got home when we got there and we went inside and put them on date! It was so cool to recognize the Spirit. He didn't yell in my ear, I didn't hear a voice, but an idea came into my head and it could have been so easy to ignore it and push it aside....but if we are listening, we can recognize his promptings.

Also, I know that the gospel is all about change! We are teaching Teresa's less active daughter and it has been amazing to see the Gospel change her life. She was so different before. 

Weird things: Almost died twice on my bike
Saw a man without pants yesterday.....ew.

Boots will be great, they need to keep my feet warm. I will write more about that next week. My time is up now :(

love you all! FAMILIES ARE FOREVER!!!!!
Hermana Warren

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