The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Miracle Week!!

Hola Family!
I don't have that much time to write because I was reading everyone's emails and yeah....I will try to answer everyone's questions though:
The weather is weird here. It was really hot all last week and then BOOM, rain! We got soaked last night on our way to go eat ice cream...not a smart decision :P

My camera is started working again!  Miracle #1

Hawaii looks so fun Jenna!  I wish I could go there...maybe some day. I already got accepted to BYU-Provo so I will probably go there first and maybe transfer to Hawaii or something...I don't know. I don't really want to think about school stuff....I am not looking forward to homework. Right now, my work books are the scriptures and Preach my Gospel. It doesn't get any better than that :)

I am sending Dad's present in the mail today. I hope you like it :)

Wow, I turn 20 in like less than 2 months.....I don't know what I want. You are already spending a lot of money on me so I don't want anything :) hehe I will probably need winter stuff soon black boots won't make it for the winter. That will probably be the only thing for my birthday, new boots. It gets really cold down here and you know how my feet and hands don't do very well with the cold.

I can cook here in our apartment, I left the oven in the other apartment because all of the other apartments have good ovens.  I told Sister Gonzalez to take good care of it.

So, now for missionary work info:  Our investigator Alonso drove us crazy on Saturday. He didn't show for his interview and we were freaking out but everything worked out and he got interviewed on Sunday morning and is good for his baptism! YAY! 

Now.....Miracle #2

On Thursday, we received a referral from the Wisharts, (a senior couple in the office) saying that a lady called the mission office that morning and wants to change her life and requested the missionaries. We called her and set up an appointment and we went by. She let us right in, and as we sat in her dining room, she explained how she just got a divorce and wants a change for her.....and her family! We saw kids running around and asked her how many kids she has and she said that she has 5. One is 16,13,10,8, and 6. We invited two of the kids to sit on the lesson and at the end, all 3 accepted a date for October 11. Then we went by two days later and put the other 2 daughters on date. The mom and all her kids are all on date for baptism. I have been praying for a family of 5 since before my transfer here, when I was with Sister Gonzalez in Murray. The Lord has not only blessed me with this family, but a self-referral "GOLDEN" family that is willing and wanting to make this covenant with God. They all came to church on Sunday and loved it. WE are excited to watch this family progress and be baptized together on October 11. MIRACLE!

Each person is a child of God and is unique and beautiful and I have the opportunity to see people for who they TRULY are and help them see themselves that way and return to live with God again.  I LOVE SERVING A MISSION!!! This transfer just flew, remember my P-day is Monday next week, not Tuesday. I don't know what will happen or who my companion will be, but I will let you know next week. 

I love you more than you realize. I love families and helping families be together forever. Have a great week!

Hermana Warren
P.s. we are going to ensign peak as a mission tomorrow! Who knew that a year from Jess and Jordan's proposal, I would be back there as a missionary!!!

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