The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Friday, June 12, 2015

"Put me in Summer and I'll be a .........Happy Missionary"

Hola Familia!

Summer has now arrived! it was 93 degrees yesterday and it was beautiful! I love the summertime on my bike, getting a SWEET watch tan and sock tan. I am going to look pretty dark when I get might not recognize me haha

Thanks for the emails....yes, I got the stuff from Jess. I heard that is should rain pretty soon so I am really grateful for the poncho. 

So we had transfers on Wednesday and my new companion is Hermana Alcala (accent on last "a"). She is from Los Angeles, California and she speaks PERFECT spanish. She is so cute and loves to work hard and want to be super obedient in EVERYTHING! I am really glad that I am training for my last transfer. I love working with new missionaries, they have an excitement that a lot of other missionaries lose after awhile. She participates in the lessons....I almost feel that I am not training her...just on the rules and schedule and things like that. She is a great missionary. A great way to end my mission :) She doesn't know that this is my last transfer....SSHHH! :)

We will get a picture to you :) We don't look too cute today but we will take a nice one and send it. 

I didn't change areas, I am still in Midvale :) I love this area, there are so many different people to work with and slowly, the ward is getting excited about missionary work. We invite members to help us and sit with investigators. 

I can feel myself getting warn out though.....missionary sundays are getting more and more tiring and I am trying to keep the energy up for Sister Alcala, but sometimes it is hard. The heat does make me a little bit more tired. I remember when one of my companions went home, she would sleep a lot and I can see why...your body starts to give out! Hahaha but I am doing ok. My allergies are coming back again but I still have medicine.

So I have some boxes that I need to give to someone....some boxes with winter stuff for BYU and a box for me to go home. Maybe I can leave these boxes at a member's house and Jess can come and pick them up? She can leave the BYU boxes at her house and bring the other box with her when she goes back up to Washington, along with the other boxes I gave her a few transfers ago. I will coordinate with a  member and let you know. But I am trying to send a many clothes home through boxes as I can because I want to put other things in my suitcases. I hate packing....-_-

About schooling, Sister Merrill emailed me and told me that I should get an apartment, that all the young freshman use the dorms. I can barely stand being around young, immarture missionaries....I think I might freak out if I have to deal with 18 year old freshman. Maybe I will try and get married really fast when I get home, that way I know who my roommate will be hahhaha just kidding :) I am sure there is an apartment that isn't bad that I can get, right? ......I hate dealing with school stuff.......I am sure I have a friend that I can room with. I will email around and see who I can find.

this week was a really good week....our numbers were pretty good and we are planning on two baptisms this weekend. We were so busy last week, we taught a lot of lessons and our nights were very busy. Being a bored missionary is the WORST! I always need to be busy and when I work hard each day, I feel great! I feel like I am doing my job. 

I really love is my favorite part about being a missionary. I love seeing my investigators progress. When they receive an answer for themselves, it is the best feeling EVER! It just shows that I am nothing because I CAN'T convert people, I am just an instrument for the Spirit, he does all the work.

this week, the assistants gave us a referral for a woman who I taught in Union Fort. She moved to my current area and she knows Irene, a recent convert who got baptized right after I left union Fort. We set up an appointment with her and we went by and saw her. Then there was a knock on the door and Irene was there with her family. She came to be part of the lesson and she bore her testimony to her friend on how the gospel has blessed her and her family. I almost wanted to cry because I could see the change that had occurred in my recent convert. I was so overwhelmed and wanted to cry but I controlled myself haha. I LOVE seeing the change in people. As David Archuleta said in my lesson with his grandpa, "The Gospel is about change, we are supposed to change!" That is so true. If we aren't changing, we aren't LIVING the Gospel.

Yesterday, I had my last Mission Leadership council and it was really sad. The Moffats are in their last month......he feels like my mission dad, someone who loves you but isn't afraid to correct you and even yell at you. But it is all based off of love for you, the Lord, and missionary work.

I love you all so much. I always pray for you :) Thanks for your prayers. I can't wait to see you all....but I don't want to leave my mission. Change is hard and I can't even IMAGINE the change that I will experience when I go home. Be patient with me :) 

Keep sharing the Gospel! Enjoy your last week of school :)

Hermana Warren

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