The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The gospel is blessing families! I love it!

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Hola Familia y mis amigos!!!!

Wow, so this week has been pretty interesting! It felt kind of long but not as long as my first week.......those first few days were a killer. But being in the mission field is awesome, most of the time.

Ok.....the highlight of the FIRST BAPTISM!!!! This was with Laura and Pedro. Their story is amazing. They have been waiting to join the Church for a while, but he needed to get his divorce from his wife in Mexico finalized so he could marry Laura so they could get baptized, does that make sense? They have been working on the divorce since 2012 and it finally went through in February. It has been a LONG process. 

On Saturday, they were married at 3 and then baptized at 4. It was such an amazing experience. Their family looks so happy and I am so excited to see how the Gospel will bless all the families we teach.

They had a party after the baptism and man! Latinos know how to throw a was crazy and super fun.

This month we are baptizing 3 families so far......I LOVE THIS GOSPEL! El Evangelio bendice a las familias! 
 So this last week, we have been getting lots of rain. Biking and rain DON'T go well together. Our faldas (skirts) were soaking wet and the seat of the bike I was borrowing was SOAKED so that didn't help. But a member of the ward let us come into her house and use her dryer while we ate dinner. The people here are so sweet and I love them so much.

 We do a lot of tracting here.....and it is really fun because people just FREAK out at you because a million missionaries have already been there and they don't want to hear the message.  It is sad when people say that but rejection happens and when it does, that means that you are one door closer to the person who is waiting for the Gospel. I try to keep that perspective.
 My Spanish is slowly getting is amazing to see the progress I have made over the last couple of months. This Saturday will be my 2 month mark!!! Crazy!!

 I went on Exchanges this week and it was super fun. I went with Sister Zufelt and she was the sister who stayed with me the first night I was in the field so I already know her. She is super sweet.
 So on Sunday, I woke up with a cold and it hasn't really gone away but I am taking medicine for it, so don't worry Mom :) Sunday was a hard day because I wasn't feeling to good, plus fasting, and then I started to feel homesick. During Language study after church, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I started to cry in front of Hermana Merrill and she asked me why I was crying. I told her all of my feelings.....and the thing I am most frustrated with is the EMOTIONAL ROLLARCOASTER! Seriously, on a mission, your emotions go wacko and one minute you love being a missionary and then the next minute, you want to go home. It drives me nuts and I hate it. Hopefully it goes away because it is emotionally exhausting. Anyway, after that, I felt a lot better, it feels good to talk to someone about my feelings. I always talk to Heavenly Father about them but it is nice to talk to someone else as well….I love Hermana Merrill.

I got a letter from Grandma and two from Dad.....I don't know if you sent more but I haven't gotten those yet. You can send them straight to my apartment. I sent a small package to you guys today and they said it will get to you guys on Friday. I just sent some stuff from Mexico for everyone :) I will be sending more letters as soon as I can.
 Letters are absolutely AMAZING!!! I didn't realize how special letters are until I was actually in the mission field.....I love them so much :)  Dad, when I read your letters, I started crying :) You are such an amazing dad and you always say the right things to help me. I will send you a letter as soon as I can, answering your questions that you wrote to me.

Today was a crazy day. The first couple of P-days are crazy busy because you have to do everything and buy everything that you don't have. Today, the bike problem was kind of stressful but thank you Dad for taking care of the bike for me. I really needed a new bike and I will take good care of it :) Then, we went to Deseret Industries and that place is amazing! I bought 10 skirts for $42!!!! BOOYA! I am ok on skirts now but I would never say no to a pink skirt or yellow skirt… hehe

In your prayers, thank Heavenly Father for Sister Egan, she is an older missionary here with her husband and she is a blessing and drove us around all day today. She is amazing.

Tonight we are going to Temple Square! We are taking Ernesto and Jaqueline, who are getting baptized on Saturday. I am so EXCITED!!! I love the Temple. BTW, our mission gets to go to the temple this month! That is gonna be awesome :)

SO the missionary work is going great in our area, we just need to find more people to teach so we have baptisms in April. I know that if I am obedient and do my best, Heavenly Father will guide us to those who are ready to receive the Gospel. I always invite people to be baptized........that is our purpose as missionaries.

Thank you for all you do, family :) I love you Mom, Dad, Jenna, Sammie, Ronnie, Shonna, Lydia, Jess, and Grandma and Pongo!!! I see your pictures every day in my room :) I am so blessed to have you as my family. I love you all!! Have a good week :)


Hermana Warren.

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