The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Mission Stretches You and Tests Your Faith

Hola everyone!

Thanks for the letters! I got one from Mom and Ronnie :)

I am glad that everyone is doing good. That is sad about Vernon. I hope that Mitch is doing ok. I hope that Sammie gets the job. Good luck on the 5k! For thankgiving, we are running in the morning with the President. we also get to eat with a family for 2 hours instead of just 1. We are eating with Teresa, our recent convert and her big family. It will be really fun. I love Holidays on the mission so I am really excited for that. I feel like I have physically grown on my mission, I hope I look different when I come home.

We had a baptism this last week! So Maria was just baptized on the 1st  and her mom was baptized this last Saturday. her husband received the Priesthood, who was less active and had no idea that he was a member. He baptized his wife on Saturday and it was the sweetest experience. That family is amazing and I am so excited to see them all sealed in the temple in one year!

I am doing ok, I got sick yesterday and was inside sleeping the whole day. I think I had a fever and I couldn't eat anything. Luckily I didn't throw up. I went to our Branch FHE that we do every other monday and I just felt off. This morning, I was SO tired. I could barely make it through personal study. I slept from 9 to 11 and I felt a lot better. I hate being sick, ESPECIALLY on the mission. We have so many people that we need to teach and prepare for baptism and it drives me nuts when I have to stay inside and sleep. Well, at the time, I didn't really care because I was so sick but now, when I am feeling better, I realize that I missed an entire day! 

I think the reason why I got sick was because of what happened on sunday. Sunday was even more stressful than last week! The man who we have been preparing for baptism who was being taught by English missionaries in the other mission, told us that he didn't want to be interviewed anymore. He wanted to wait. Then the welfare missionaries of the ward talked to him and told us that they were going to go over and talk to him after church, to find out more about his feelings. Then our branch president talked to him and he told us that Jose wants to do the interview! We had gotten three different stories from Jose and different members! We just decided to have President Plumb from the mission presidency come anyway, he is awesome and he makes everyone feel comfortable. Since our branch president is really good friends with Jose, we had President Olivares take President P

lumb to Jose and introduce him and then he led them to his office where they did the interview. Jose told President Plumb that he feels bad and doesn't want to hurt our feelings or the other sister's feelings. But since he wants to be baptized in the spanish branch, we need to teach him. Apparently the other sisters tried to interview him on Saturday! So President Moffat called the other Mission president and talked to him. President Plumb was also on the line and talked about some things that Jose explained to him in the interview. We also have a wedding for a less-active and her non-member husband that we are trying to plan for for this weekend but ALL the chapels are booked for this weekend. I am not sure what to do, the date has changed so much already and she has work and her boyfriend does too. The Ward is feeling stressed as well because we can't give them exact dates and times for these activities. 

Honestly, I feel like we are doing EVERYTHING in the branch. The members get mad at us for having too many activities on the same day and we are trying our best to organize everything. But for this weekend, I have no idea what to do. I can't trust anyone else to organize the wedding or the baptism....I feel like I need to do it all. Along with these things, we have people that we need to teach this week and try to get interviewed this saturday too. 

I guess this is where faith comes in :) I know that everything will work out the way Heavenly Father wants it to, but I hate not having a plan or a schedule for these activities. All i want is for everything to work out. Everything that I am doing is to help these investigators and for them to have a good experience in their baptism or wedding or whatever we are helping them with. I do love being a missionary and being stressed about peoples' salvation. I only have about 7 1/2 months left to do it :) But I can tell that I get worn out and I don't want that. I am studying chapter 8 in PMG to help me plan better and be more organized.

Sorry for complaining, these last few days have been tough. This transfer has probably been the most stressful than any other transfer. But I will be fine.

The weather has been ok, it is supposed to snow this weekend. I have tights and gloves and hats. I might need a longer coat, the white one I have isn't very long. I might take Sister Merrill's coat, she goes home in a  couple of weeks.

Pray for my Spanish, I need to improve in that :)

Thank you for being so awesome! I love you all so much and miss you. Keep praying for me, especially for this week. I need to be bold with some people we are teaching, so pray that I can say what Heavenly Father wants me to say. I pray for you every day.


Hermana Warren

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