The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dios Nos Bendice Con Oportunidades (God blesses us with opportunities)

Hola Familia!

I am doing great, I have a couple of interesting stories to tell you :)

Salt Lake City Central Missionaries (I'm right in the middle 4th row)
So last tuesday, we had our Mission P-Day and it was AMAZING!! It was so much fun to just get to know all of the other missionaries and to play games and eat good food :) Towards the evening, President Moffat just let us play or do whatever we wanted so a lot of the Sisters just sat in the grass and talked and enjoyed the sun. Then, Pres. Moffat and Sister Moffat came over and sat with us in the grass and we just talked with them. I don't know about other missions but I am pretty sure that missionaries never get to just sit with their mission president on the grass and just talk and ask them questions. I love my mission president so much and his wife so much. 

I really needed that P-Day. It was a great day. So after that, I talked with Sister Gonzalez about taking time to relax and she understands. I also had exchanges with my Sister Training Leader...SISTER MERRILL!!! Haha it was interesting but really cool to see how much confidence I have gained ALREADY! From not being with my trainer, I have grown a lot in my spanish and leadership, but I still have a lot of growing to do. I talked to her about some things that were bothering me and she left me some commitments to better our planning and Spanish. 

Being a missionary is "SWEET"
Ok, so even though we have been doing better on planning and resting and taking time for ourselves, both of us still felt like our companionship unity was off, and when that is off, EVERYONE notices the difference. Sometimes we were united and then sometimes we would be off and life would be hard. We would struggle with the desire to go out and teach and find. I was praying for help to know how to make us united and I didn't know this but Sister Gonzalez was doing the same thing. It is hard getting a new companion who does things their way, and you do things your way. With a trainer, it is different because you have no idea what you are doing so you just go along with whatever. But when you have been trained a certain way, it is really hard to adjust.......MARRIAGE PREP! Haha, I am not thinking about that right now but that is what I noticed :)

Anyway, you know in the movie "Evan Almighty" when God is talking to the wife in the restaurant? He says "When we pray for patience, God doesn't just bless us with patience, but gives us opportunities to be patient." Yeah, well I am a witness that "When you pray for companionship unity, He doesn't just bless us with unity, but with opportunities to be united." 
Here is the story.
Yesterday, the alarm went off at 6 so we could go to a zone workout at 6:15. I was really tired and didn't want to go, so I kept on sleeping. Sister Gonzalez got up and after a minute, asked me if we could go to the workout. So, being kind of against the idea, I slowly got up and then we were on our bikes, heading over to the church. We played scatterball and it turned out to be really fun, until an Elder stepped on my foot! I sat out because my foot hurt really bad and then I tried biking home and I had to go really slow because it hurt. I got home and my toe was HUGE! I called Sister Moffat and she told me that there is nothing you can really do for a broken or sprained toe. She said she would call back after studies. I was studying and felt really sad and homesick, mostly because I still felt off with Sister Gonzalez and my toe hurt. I went into the bathroom and prayed and cried. Then after 5 minutes, I went back out and kept studying Spanish. Sister Moffat called and said that I would need to stay in all day so my toe can heal, I couldn't walk on it anyway so I really had no choice. Staying in a really hard for missionaries and Sister Gonzalez was kind upset but we tried to make the best of it. We worked on the Area book and  called leaders and formers. Then, she made me lunch and then we started talking about our lives. She told me about Chile and I told her about our plays we would do, and how I was always the boy :) She was laughing pretty hard about that. Then we started talking about boyfriends was really fun to have girl talk again, I missed that :) So the rest of the day, we wrote in our journals and talked about lots of things and watched Book of Mormon stories. I took a nap ;) And then, right before we were gonna go on splits for an hour, she came and sat on the couch by me and read me a letter that someone sent her. Then she told me how great a missionary I was and how happy she was that I was her companion. I told her how I was feeling, about the unity and everything, and then she told me that she felt impressed by the Spirit to go to zone workout this morning. She was really confused when I hurt my toe, why God would tell us to go if He knew that this was gonna happen. Then it hit me, this day was the opportunity that God was giving us to become better companions. I just started laughing, because it just hit me! God hears our prayers.....and He answers them, but not always in the way that we expect. He was giving us the opportunity to become more united as companions. 

So that was the cool story for the week, my toe is still bruised and sore, Sister Moffat will look at it tomorrow to see if I need to go to the doctor. I am doing better though and our companionship is doing better too :)

7 of our investigators moved! All in the same weekend! Now we have Carlos, who will be baptized this Sat. and then the Perez  Family, who will be baptized on the 14th. We are working with the Avellano family still, they are not accepting the message as much as we would like them to. They might take a while :P But we are still working hard, I love all my investigators so much, Thanks for putting their names in the temple!

I am having allergies pretty bad down here, it is really stupid but I have medicine that kind of works.

I am glad that everyone is doing great, I am excited to be a part of the Book of Mormon summer challenge with everyone. I like the shirt idea too, I can think of some more slogans.

Can't believe that Jenna is graduating, and that I graduated a year ago! Time is just going faster and faster. Congrats Jenna! Have a blast at the Senior Party, mom and Dad are you still helping with the bingo game again?

Thanks for the email and your advice, Dad I loved reading what you said about the power of the priesthood! I will read Elder Oaks' talk again.
 Thanks for being an amazing family, I love you all so much! Pray for me, I pray for you all every day. LOVE YOU!!!!

Hermana Warren

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