The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Joyful Burden of Missionary Work

Hola Familia!

Ok, so this week has been the hardest and most rewarding week of my mission. I will tell you why.....

So, after we started teaching the Perez Family on Monday, we met a brother of the mom and his girlfriend and then another friend of the brother...they all live in the same house. They are all on date for June 14th! Then, while we were at the missionary coordination meeting, the other Elders there told us that there were 3 brothers, non members, were sitting outside the bishop's office and they live in our area! We talked to them and got an appointment to teach them.  We went over the next day and found 5 people living in the house. We taught them all lesson 1 and put them all on date for June 14th as well.  After working hard on Sunday to get our investigators to church, these are our final numbers for this week:
15 on date, 12 at church, 11 progressing, and 14 new investigators!  Blessings of obedience!!!

I know for a fact that this was all done by Heavenly Father. He put people in our path, with the right situation, and he made everything work out so that these people would be ready to accept a date and listen to our message. All of these people are former people that have been taught before but weren't they are!

Hard Parts:
So it has been the HARDEST week of my mission because......with so many people to teach and trying to have daily contact with them, we are constantly biking, calling, teaching....we taught 17 member present lessons to our investigators last week. At night, planning takes forever and then we have to update the area book and so I didn't get to write in my journal all week. During lunch, we are calling people or updating and in the morning as well. So basically, I have NO free time for myself, and it had been really hard. I know that we are supposed to give EVERYTHING to missionary work when we are on a mission but I am running low on gas :/ I have talked to my companion about it and she is always saying that we need to sacrifice things for the Lord and he will bless us....but for me, I think Heavenly Father wants us to take care of ourselves as well, so that we can give everything when we are proselyting. I don't know, I am really confused on what I should do. It is hard and I am so tired and I am running low on energy and I am beginning to lack the enthusiasm that I had before. I don't know what to do   :(

The Perez Family!!
Anyway, we went to temple square with the Perez family and her brother and her friend, so we had 8 non members with us and we watched the family video. Everyone was crying at the end, and they are all progressing for June 14th as a family. I just love this family to death!!! They make all of the hard things worth it. I seem to be finding families lately, we have found a lot of couples that need to be married. I don't know but Sister Gonzalez thinks that I was sent here to Utah to find families. All of my baptisms have been couples, families, and children not baptized. I love teaching families, it is difficult because everyone has their own needs but I love seeing the changes that come when a family begins to live the Gospel. I love teaching the plan of Salvation to families. I always talk about you guys when I teach that. "Yo tengo seis hermanas!" (I have six sisters) and then everyone is like "what?" and then I tell them how much I love my family and that we can be together forever! The best feeling in the world!

So, I have been learning how to rely on the Lord, we pray all the time and are always asking for help for our investigators. I read the Conference addition of the Ensign every morning in personal study and I love it so much! Read it!!!!!

I don't know if you have watched the video  "Because of Him"  from the Bible videos. They made it for Easter and I LOVE this video so much, the Spirit is so strong when we watch it with out investigators. I wish I could watch it with everyone we meet. 

Anyways, I have to email president now. We are having a mission P-day today and doing games!

Congrats, Aubrey on your mission call!!  You are gonna love speaking Spanish! 

I love you all and miss you all so much, sorry for not sending letters a lot, but I LOVE GETTING letters from you all! I got a letter from Mom today...thanks:)

I love you and miss you ....keep sharing the Gospel with your friends! Tell me stories about missionary experiences you have!

 Pictures: Temple square! Best one yet!!!!

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