The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Hey Family :)

So yup, we are having transfers tomorrow and I am staying here in the Murray 2nd ward! YAY!!!! I love this ward so much. Sister Merrill is going to a Midvale stake, and she is whitewashing this area (That means that Elders were in there before and then they take them out and put Sisters in. They don't know anyone and have to learn the area on their own) She wanted to do that so she is really excited. So yeah, my address is still the same and I will be here with Sister Gonzalez. She is from CHILE! Isn't that cool? She is from the North part of Chile but I just think that it is awesome that she is from there, since my Mom and Dad both served there. She is really cute and fun. She was originally an English sister but since we are loosing 3 Spanish missionaries this transfer, President had to pull some Spanish-Speaking sisters from the English mission. I am really excited to be with her and to improve my Spanish.  I am really excited and nervous. Change is difficult and I am scared to change companions just because I don't know what it is going to be like, but I am still excited to work with someone knew and have it be a 50/50 companionship. :) I completed my training so now I am a REAL missionary! haha if that makes sense. You just FEEL different when you know that you are not in training anymore.

I loved seeing you guys on Sunday! You all look great and I miss you all so much. It is hard to get everything in in just 40 minutes and I felt bad that I couldn't talk with everyone individually but please write me letters and I will do my best to write back. Everyone looks like they are doing great though, and yeah, I agree with what dad said in his email to me: it is hard to see our family changing but just imagine how FUN it is going to be in about 20 years with everyone going to Mom and Dad's house with our families......that is going to be AWESOME!! 

So we had a miracle happen after skyping on Sunday. We were walking around the Trailer park, talking to people and going to homes where we know are Spanish families. We decided to go by a former investigator and see if she was home. We knocked on the door and her sister opened the door. Her name is Veronica. She let us in and we started talking to her about her life and she told her story and about her experiences. She talked to us about her Grandpa and how he passed away recently. She started crying which made us both cry. When she was done telling her story, we started teaching her lesson 2. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted a date. We walked out of there and we were shock. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares people to accept the Gospel, even if it is in a really hard and sad way. She is 21 so we have to ask her if she wants to go to the YSA ward, but we are just happy that she is open to the Gospel and baptism.

So, once we found out that we are changing this week, we tried to visit all of our recent converts. We went to the Roman family and I just love them so much. Their kids are adorable and I will love them forever. We went in an taught them a missionary work lesson so we can get some referrals from them. Then, we told Janderry, the mom, that we are changing companions and Sister Merrill is going to Midvale. She was really sad and told us how much she appreciates us. Then she told us a story of how one day, her and her husband were fighting and she went out into her living room and just sat on the couch and started praying that she could just talk to someone, she didn't want to call her family in Peru. So she was praying and praying and then, 5 minutes later, we knocked on the door. We didn't have a set appointment, we didn't know that she was praying for someone to come over. We didn't even realize that we were an answer to prayer. It just amazed me at how the Lord knows his children and their needs. The Lord hears our prayers and sometimes, we are the answer to someone's prayers without realizing it. That was definitely a testimony builder to me.
So Yatnari was baptized, I have pictures for that. I forgot to get her address but I will write it on a piece of paper and stick it in the mail. She would love to get mail from Lydia. They are actually thinking about moving to the Tri-Cities! That would be so cool :)

Well, I talked about a lot of stuff with you already. The snail mail is still good, about one letter a week is fine :) I got a letter from mom and dad this last week. 

I love you all so much! I am so glad that I got to talk to you. I was praying so hard that talking with you all wouldn't be a distraction for me, and I did great! I just got back into missionary work and I try to get lost in it. I am about 4 and 1/2 months in and that is 1/4 of my mission gone! WHAT!?!? wow, time goes by so fast. 

I am really excited for this transfer, thanks for updating me on Aunt Steph and Julie. I will pray for Steph and that is so exciting for Julie! I am so excited :)

Thanks for all of the pictures, they were fun to look at :)

Thanks for the email and for the advice and support. Mom and Dad: you should tell me more about experiences you had on your missions. you can write about them in your letters to me or email. I realized that I don't know a whole lot about your missions and I really want to know more :)

I am glad Mom's day went well, I am glad that I was able to be a part of it :)

Keep reading the Book of Mormon every morning as a family!!.  That's so awesome and congratulations on finishing it today!! I know that it is a true book, the most correct book on earth. I love hearing Elder Holland's testimony of the Book of Mormon. So powerful.

I love you all and I will email you next week and tell you about my first week with a new companion! I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week :)
Hermana Warren

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