The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

P-Day Already!!!

Hola Familia!

Ok, so I swear that I was just here, writing emails to you all, this last week went by so fast. I bet it went by so fast for you guys too. From the email, sounds like everyone was busy with school getting over and family. I saw the pictures, I wish I was there, I miss everyone BUT I love being on a mission.   I just love getting to KNOW and LOVE other people. I just love the idea that I am making so many friends and that I will be able to come back and see everyone here and be able to stay at their house for more than 45 minutes :)

So Carlos was baptized this last Saturday and it was the best baptism I have ever been in. I sang Savior, Redeemer of my Soul and I just loved singing it. I feel like I connect the most with God when I am singing. I looked at my investigator, and he was crying during the song.  I couldn't look at him for the rest of the song because I didn't want to start crying either. He doesn't know any English so that touched me even more. He probably didn't understand what I was singing but he still felt the Spirit. The Spirit has no language barriers.

So, my toe is fine. I can walk just fine and I really missed my bike. I couldn't bike with the boot. Sister Gonzalez would always tease me by running past me and "tagging" me so that I would have to chase her. She is really funny and a really good missionary.

So our ward is just coming alive with missionary work, if that makes sense. We gave last minute talks on Sunday in Sacrament, our ward mission leader told us about 5 minutes before the meeting started! I basically just gave the first lesson in 5 minutes and then bore my testimony. I was really nervous but I got up to the pulpit and just started talking and I was completely fine! I am so amazed that I can get in front of a group and talk, Heavenly Father is just BLESSING me with the Gift of Tongues. I can understand our investigators and help them with their concerns. I still don't know everything but I am improving more and more. We are trying to talk more in Spanish with each other. 

So, this week, I learned something interesting. We were talking about all of our investigators and the ones that are doing great and ones that are struggling. Then it hit me......I was feeling like a parent and they were my children. We teach them, help them, love them, and then, we have to see what they will do, if they will remain strong or fall away. And we can't force them to do anything, it is all up to them. It is really hard to fully trust that they will keep their commitments and follow through, we have to trust that Heavenly Father will touch their hearts and help them make the right choice.  It is so hard! Our whole purpose is to invite, and then have faith that they will accept the invitation and actually do it! I am working on having more faith in God, that whatever happens is what is supposed to happen and have patience with people's agency. I didn't know that putting my trust in God would be so hard sometimes, and scary, because I just love these people and what them to make the right choice! Yeah, that is something that I learned this week.

I started the Book of Mormon 60-day challenge on Monday! I am excited to read with the family over the summer.

The Perez Family is getting baptized this weekend, I am SO EXCITED!!! I love baptizing families! I am just so excited, I can't wait!

I am doing great! I love just losing myself in the work and having the days just melt together. I sleep really well at night :) It is getting really hot outside and I feel like I am getting really dark....and the hottest part of summer hasn't even started! I am going to be pretty dark....maybe I will be darker than Jess? Hahaha

I loved the pictures, Congrats Jenna!!!! I am so proud of you :) I miss all of my sisters so much. And my mom and dad too! I am sorry I never asked you more about your missions, I wish I had. Tell me about them and things that happened and experiences you had. 

I was thinking about when I come home and I almost started crying.....because I don't want to go home! I love you all but missions are the hardest and coolest things in the world! Never will I have the chance to share the Gospel all day every day. I love being here and thinking about others and how to help them progress in the gospel and be baptized! Best thing in the world! 

Hna Panuncio. 20 years old and married, from El Salvador. She goes out with us all the time and is such a great missionary. She is our angel, and she freaked out when she found out that I am only 19 haha, she though I was way older

I love you all and miss you. Looking forward to letters from you all. Enjoy the summer time and swimming! I do miss that part :)

Hermana Warren

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