The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 3 in the Mexico MTC

Hola Familia!!!


I miss you all so much! This week has just gone by SO FAST!!! Muy rapido. I swear I was just here on the computer last Tuesday. Well, I have exactly 3 weeks until I fly to Utah!!! I can´t wait! I really love it here at the CCM but I just want to get into the field. I want to teach real investigators....not my teachers who are just pretending. But I know that the weeks will just be gone and then I will be really sad when I have to leave so I try to enjoy every day....even when it is hard.

So I am doing well.....I am healthy and I think I am losing weight! BOOYA!! I dont really understand how that works but I feel really good. I do eat a lot I am kind of confused haha. They have had Costco pizza three times here (I was so happy :) and cookies and French Toast. The only milk they have is whole milk but it is super good...I love it. And then for every breakfast and dinner, they have...................A PEANUT BUTTER AND NUTELLA BAR!!! It is such a blessing when you don´t want to eat the mystery meat they are serving and you are starving haha. I will send a picture of it.

So I have a lot of random things to say! They have birds here that are really cool! You know the sound that Iron Man´s suit makes right before he shoots a gun? The birds sound like that is awesome. One day, while we were walking to gym, there was this HUGE bee on the sidewalk. It took me a second to realize that it was a bug......and then I FLIPPED out. I seriously almost wet my pants scared me so bad. But, we laughed about it after because I looked really funny, according to Hermana Childs. 

So I am in the choir that is singing for the dedication of the CCM! We are singing Lord I would Follow Thee, but in Spanish. It is gorgeous :) I can´t wait for Feb 9!

So, in clase, Hermano Silva said that since we have made it past week 3.....solamente Español! Whenever we say something in English that we can say in Spanish, he says VEINTE! meaning.....20 push ups. My arms are getting pretty buff haha. We always mock him in the casa...VEINTE,VEINTE, VEINTE! One time, we were talking about Pokemon and I told them that I watched all the Barbie movies instead. Then Hermano Silva was like....Oh, that is why you look so plastic every day! I wanted to smack him but he was just kidding.

On Sunday, my jaw started hurting really bad :( I don´t know if you remember but it did the same thing right before my Farewell talk. Well, I couldn´t eat and I was super hungry. So I asked my DL for a blessing, I felt like it was a stupid thing to get a blessing for but it hurt super bad. His comp. did the oil and he dumped the entire thing on my head! I could feel the oil going down my head was funny. And then my DL gave me a blessing that I would be able to chew....very straight forward. BUT they were happy to do it and I think that they liked using their Priesthood.

On Saturday night, me and the hermanas in my room were all quoting The Best Two Years. We were seriously laughing so hard, my stomach hurt super bad. That movie is the best, I miss watching those. We also can´t listen to music here :( I miss my Vocal Point!!!

Well, I don´t know if there is more to talk about. All of the days feel the same, with class and eating and personal study(which I love!!!) and more class and language study. We are learning about spanish those are tough :( But the Spanish is coming...I hope to be able to do an entire discussion without notes on how to say things in Spanish.

I love the Scriptures!! I can´t believe I never read them as much as I do now. They are amazing and the BOM is wonderful. I love reading every morning. I memorized the first vision in Español and recited it in a lesson to my teacher. I got a sticker haha

This week went pretty well, each day is a challenge but I love it. I can feel the help of Heavenly Father and Grandpa Shaftoe.

We watched the Lamb of God on Sunday. I remember watching that with Dad make me miss home. But I am so excited to share the Gospel, invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo!

I love being a missionary.....I can´t wait to find the people that the Lord has find the people that I promised I would bring the Gospel to :) It´s a cool thought.


I love this Gospel, I love my family, I love Jesus Christ. I try every day to be a better representative of Him.


I love you all. Only two more emails and I will be in UTAH!!!! :D SLY


Hermana Warren

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