The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"I'll Be Home For Christmas" year!! :)

Hola Familia!

Sorry about the subject line..I have been singing that song a lot because this is the first time that I won't be home for Christmas :) hehe

Anyway, thanks for the emails, Thanksgiving weekend sounded super fun. I loved looking at all the pictures of everyone, everyone seems to be growing up without me!

I love the Christmas lights on the house! I always loved putting up the tree and seeing the lights!

I have been doing pretty good here. Dad, it is 48 degrees today. The weather has been beautiful for this time of year. Everyone here is so surprised that we still don't have snow, but I keep praying that this winter will be better. I don't want my hands to fall off from freezing. 

"Beat the President" fun run
My Thanksgiving was a great and sad day. First of all, our mission ran with President Moffat, I have a picture of that. I walked mostly because I wasn't sure if I could run the whole 3 miles. But I pretty much walked the whole thing with Sister Moffat. We just talked about a bunch of stuff. She was asking me about my companion, my spanish, and my area. I love the Moffats, they are so sweet and do so much for us.

Sister Merrill
Then after, we had a quick meeting, where we listened to departing testimonies of missionaries going home, one of which is Sister Merrill :( I was bawling the whole time because she has become such a great friend to me. After, we ate dinner with our Landlady and so I ate American food and it was good! Then that night, we visited some families that we are teaching and they kept giving us more food! I was so full! Then we went to the Ibarra family and we were teaching the uncle when the kids ran into the house and told us that a man was outside and wanted to talk to an adult. So the aunt went out because she speaks English. We were all wondering what was going on so we all went out and there was a man at the bottom of the drive way, holding their dog. He had hit it on the road and went back and got it. He saw the kids running outside, so he assumed that it was their dog. It was probably one of the saddest moments I have had on my mission. All the kids were crying and sobbing. The mom was sobbing and I just held the kids and tried to comfort them as they cried. I started crying with them because I could FEEL how they were feeling, I imagined me losing Pongo and how sad I would be. They had Toby for 5 years and he was a member of their family! We just said a prayer with them and left. I cried to whole bike ride home. I felt so bad for them and wanted to make them feel better and know that even pets resurrect. They are doing better but my heart hurt and I could get a glimpse of how God feels, seeing his Children in pain and sorrow, I love the story of how the Savior wept with Mary when her brother died, even when he knew that He was going to raise him from the dead. 
This weekend was a great weekend though, we had 4 baptisms, which finishes our month of November with 7 baptisms! We had a very successful month :) We are still struggling with our branch but we are involving Stake leaders and mission leaders to get this problem fixed. 

So the only other thing I want to share is about the video "HE is the Gift". It is on Watch it and share it with someone, it reminds us of the most important gift. This movie is so powerful and you feel the spirit so strong. I also thought it was ironic how we have thanksgiving, where we share what we are thankful for, and then the next day, we go out and buy EVERYTHING that we don't have. This Christmas, I don't want a lot. I want to focus on the Savior more. Of course, there is nothing wrong with giving gifts, that is how we share our love for others, but the BEST gift we can give is the knowledge of the Gospel. So I invite you, Warren Family, to give the gift of the Savior to someone else. Pray and ask God to tell you  who you know who needs the Gospel. Look for the answer and He will tell you :) be ready to share it with them. God knows His Children.

I might be transferred next week, I will let you know next p-day. Christmas music is always appreciated :)

I might have to fix my brake on my bike
I love you all so much, I am so grateful for you and can't wait to see you all in about 23 days! (on skype).

Have a great week! I pray for you all every night!


Hermana Warren

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