The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I'm training a new missionary!

Hola Familia!

I am doing great! Sister Romero (my new companion) is from Colombia and she is 19. She comes from a member family, she has a younger brother. She isn't expecting anything for christmas so if you want to send something, that would be really nice :)

Training is hard. It is like having a baby because you are teaching someone who doesn't know ANYTHING! She knows a lot more than I knew because she was in the MTC for 8 weeks but she has NEVER ridden a bike and she can't speak English very much but she's doing great! She is really tired but I remember what is was like to go into the mission field. I was so tired and homesick and couldn't speak the language and didn't know what was happening! I was clueless! I need to go back and read my was so hard. But having a greenie made me realize how much I have grown over the last year. I can ride a bike. I can speak spanish. I can have fun with the members. I can help others come unto Christ by being baptized! I didn't realize how much I have changed and grown until I had to help someone enter the mission. Time has gone by so fast! I have to enjoy each day! I am so excited for our week next week....we have a lot of fun things happening for christmas :)

Next Wednesday (P-day next week) I will email you the address of where I will be skyping and what time. You will skype me from Grandma and Grandpa's house, right? I will let you know what time and address next wednesday.

This week we had a baptism. Maria and Cesar were baptized. I have been working with them since I first came into the area in August! Sometimes the Lord's timing is different than ours, but they were finally baptized and they are excited to go to the temple to do baptisms. Hopefully we can take them next week!
The velez family is supposed to get baptized this saturday......pray for them please, they are acting shady again. they already had their interviews....we didn't have contact with them yesterday. We have to have contact every day the week before the baptism. I know that Heavenly Father is aware...I just need to trust him.

I am not going to write a lot, I want to have a lot of things to talk about next week :) 

I am sending a present to you all, but I won't send it until later because I will send it to our house. When are you getting back home?

Thanks for the prayers and support. I got letters from the Ward, Young womens, and Grandma Shaftoe :) Thank you!

Sorry this is short. Just know that I am fine, the weather is good, my bike works, I am being fed and I am loving being a missionary!

Hermana Warren

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