The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Friday, October 17, 2014

Half Way! Still So Much Work To Do

Hola Familia!


Thank you so much for emailing me :) I hate having P-days on Mondays because the week feels so much longer and we can't have contact with our investigators...especially those who didn't go to church.


Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Warren for the letter! I love getting mail :)


Anyway, Dad, your email was awesome! I am going to print it out. Thanks for telling me about what is happening with everyone. That is so cool that you all fasted for the Solorzano family. I used to think that fasting and prayer was just telling Heavenly Father the things that we want and hoping that we get them. Really, prayer and fasting is aligning our will with God's. Prayer has definitely changed for me here on my mission. I always keep them in my prayers. I also know that the power of the priesthood is real. Our investigator's daughter was REALLY sick. She is only 5 and had a really high fever. That night we had our ward mission leader go over and give her a blessing. I haven't had contact with them since, but she seems to be doing better. I think the blessing was more comfort for the mom because she is from Mexico, doesn't speak any english and she is trying to figure out how to help her daughter. 


Thanks Mom for your little email. I am glad that you liked "Meet the Mormons". I don't know when we will get to watch it, I really want to! I bought a water proof storm jacket for about $25 dollars. It looks good and it will keep me dry. it is also thin so I can wear it under my coat when it starts to get COLD and wet. I am just trying to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having right now! Everyone is saying that we NEVER have this warm weather in the middle of October and I am PRAYING that this winter won't be as bad as they usually are. 




So this week was actually a little bit harder...who knew that missions were hard? :P I was super tired this week, Sister Peralta told me when she hit her 9 month mark, she got tired too! Every night, I sleep super DEEP and suddenly it is 6:30! I have never appreciated sleep as much as I do now.


I hit my HALF MARK!!! I can't believe that half of my mission is already over! But it is like the talk by Elder Dube:


While I was a boy working in the fields with my mother, she taught me one of the most important lessons in life. It was late in the morning, the sun was up, and we had been hoeing for what I thought to be a very long time. I stopped to look back at what we had accomplished and said to my mother, “Look at all we have done!” Mother did not respond. Thinking that she had not heard me, I repeated what I had said a little louder. She still did not reply. Raising my voice a little higher, I repeated again. Finally, she turned to me and said, “Edward, never look back. Look ahead at what we still have to do.”


I still have SO much to do :) I am glad that I still have 9 more months of teaching the Gopsel, I won't get to do this EVER again.


We are having a baptism this weekend! Teresa is getting baptized. I love her and her family. She has 4 kids and the 3 daughters are members and her son isn't. She is such a great missionary! She always brings friends to church and family members are coming back to church! They filled an entire pew in Sacrament meeting!


Maria is 17 and she is preparing to be baptized. She came to church for the first time yesterday! Sundays have changed so much for me. I don't just get up and study and then go to church and enjoy the lessons and talking with the members. Sundays are my most STRESSFUL day because you are trying your hardest to get ALL your investigators to church. You go before church, praying that they will open the door. You go back again before Sacrament meeting and they won't answer the door or they tell you they are coming and then they never show up. The Velez family didn't come and the Ojeda family didn't come and Felipe and Mirna didn't come. I am sitting during the Sacrament, praying to God for forgiveness and for him to show me what I am doing wrong, asking him why my investigators aren't coming to church. I actually cried during the Sacrament. I wanted my investigators to come and experience the cleansing feeling of the atonement and the Spirit that we feel at church. I have learned so much about the importance of the Sacrament. It is an ordinance, just like baptism. It is a commandment that we take the Sacrament each week. If we repent each week and partake of the sacrament with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, we can be COMPLETELY forgiven. it is like we were basically baptized again. THAT IS AMAZING! I never knew that! I have learned so much here on my mission :) Anyway, while I was taking the Sacrament, I looked over and saw MAria Ibarra! I was so happy! She came in and listened to the rest of the meeting! 


I think that is pretty much it! Thanks for all your support! I love you all so much, I talk about you with everyone that I see. I testify of how families can be together forever! That is my favorite part! 


I love you all so much! Have a great week! Share the gospel with someone!

Hermana Warren

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