The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

With God All Things Are Possible

I like this face because this is how I am feeling right now :)   ----------------->

How are you all doing? Thanks for all of the updates on everyone. I am glad that you are doing great and having fun!

Sister Hunt did drop off the package. She gave me rolls from Texas Roadhouse and Monster cookies! I took the cookies to church on Sunday for our investigator and someone stole them! I was super mad because those cookies are amazing. But THANK YOU SO MUCH , BECCA!! When I saw your handwriting, I knew that is was you:) I love you so much!

Also, Mom, I got a new eye prescription right before my mission. You have the paper somewhere. If you can find it, let me know. If not? I can just go to Walmart and they can tighten my glasses, I will be find until the end of my mission.

The News:

Ok, anyway, I will explain why I am feeling this way.

I got a phone call on Sunday night from Elder Wishart, the mission secretary. He told me to come to the mission office on Monday morning because President Moffat would like to talk with me. I basically didn't sleep that night :) Monday morning, he called me in and asked me to be a Sister Training Leader! AAAHHH! I wanted to pass out. As a Sister Training Leader, I have to go on exchanges with other sisters and I am a leader in the mission. Megan Nielsen was one, wasn't she? If you are reading this Megan, please email me some ideas about this because I am scared to death. Hermana Merrill as well! There is a lot of pressure when you are a leader because you have to train other missionaries WHILE baptizing in your own area. President said he was a little hesitant about calling me as a Sister training leader because our area FINALLY started picking up when I got there and he is afraid of it going downhill again. But this gets even better. Then he told me that I will also be trainin
g a NEW sister that doesn't speak Spanish! And because I am also a sister training leader, he is going to put ANOTHER sister in our apartment, to help me when I am on exchanges so the area won't go downhill!
So, here is the summary:
I am training a new sister in a trio, and also serving as a Sister Training Leader.

Sister Romero is going to the English assignment. She will be with one of the other Sister Training Leaders.

That is pretty much the big news of this week. it is going to be CRAZY!!!!

Other than that, we had the wedding on Saturday and it turned out great. The members helped us a TON! Then on Wednesday, we went to the Salt Lake Temple! Oh. My. Goddness. That temple is absolutely gorgeous. I was just in awe at all of the art work and beauty in every room. I was freaking out about the doorknobs! I have seen them in movies but never in real life! That place is beautiful and I didn't want to leave. President took our entire district to the temple because we didn't have a TRAX near by. After the temple, he took us to McDonalds haha, it reminded me of the week at Disneyland, where we only at McDonalds :) haha

I just might get married in that temple too:) It is beautiful.

I am writing in my journal almost every day. I am going back and reading my journal entries from a year ago. I am so glad that I have been really good about writing. 

The weather is GORGEOUS! Everyone here is so freaked out because the weather is not usually like this and they don't know why....I know why :) Because I have been praying SUPER hard for a mild winter hehe.

Sister Romero and me
We had a family night last night at the church and we had some recent converts there and one investigator. The members are great in this branch and we told them that we were having transfers again and that I am still staying :) All of them want me to finish my mission in this branch, and they are so excited for me to come back after my mission to play volleyball with them and to dance at the ward parties with them :) I LOVE THESE MEMBERS!

Ice Skating as a District
And mom,  I like what you said, as a missionary, my goal is to keep the lessons we have SHORT and interesting. I use pictures and ask questions and I love having a discussion with the investigators. I also love what dad said, I can FEEL myself changing and I just LOVE these people that I am serving. I feel like I am learning more about Heavenly Father's love and I am see these people as His children.

I love you all so much and thank you for the support you give me. I am so grateful for my family. Keep helping the missionaries and give them helpful tips on how to improve. I would like that if the members helped us like that, to see how I can improve my teaching.

Hermana Warren

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