The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Sunday, February 26, 2017

All About Benny

I want to talk about Benny. Benny is a very big blessing in my life, but he is also a very BIG challenge haha. Benny is a Shih Tzu/ Lhasa Apso mix. He just turned three months old :)

Benny was kind of a "spur of the moment" dog. We had been planning on getting a dog ever since I got a job at Open English. Since I would be working from home, I wanted some more interaction with people! Lucas was always gone at work, so we thought a dog would be the best thing for me. We started looking for a dog, but we weren't having much luck with the right size or right type. We live in a small apartment and needed a dog that wouldn't go NUTS being in such a small space. Also, our apartment complex doesn't allow us to walk our dogs in the actual complex. We have to carry our dog out of the complex before we can actually let them walk and do their business. With all of these restrictions, our choices were pretty slim, and pretty expensive! It seems that the smaller the dog, the higher the price! We were seeing dogs for R$400 or $500! That was a little too much for us.

One day, Lucas was just browsing on the internet and came across Benny. For R$200! We saw his cute pictures and price and we just went for it! We had 3 hours before the owner would bring him over! We ran (literally, because we don't have a car) to the store to buy some food and things for Benny. I was kind of freaking out because I had NO IDEA how to take care of a PUPPY! The only dogs that we've had in my family were older and pretty chill. If you know Pongo, you know what I  mean by "chill" haha.

So this was a new adventure for us and I was really excited and nervous. Finally, they came with Benny. I walked outside and saw a man holding the cutest little puppy! I grabbed the little furball and held him and I just felt so good :) I took him back to our apartment and showed him around, he was a little scared. After a little while, he felt comfortable and started to explore.

We hadn't picked a name for him yet, but somehow we decided on Benny. Then we made his middle names the names of all the other dogs that we almost adopted. His name is:
Benny Carlinhos Jose Doby de França.

Here is his model photo:

Benny loves to bite! Just like any puppy, he is always trying to chew on our fingers and toes. He goes CRAZY sometimes, running around the house and trying to bite us.

When we first got Benny, he loved to sleep :) Like a baby, Benny slept ALL the time and in the most random places. Here are a few examples of where Benny would sleep:

Benny also loves to get into random places! He loves the cool air and playing in our things!

Benny isn't a big fan of baths, even though he loves being all wet and cool after the bath.

He kind of looks like a little rat haha. His hair is SO FLUFFY that you forget how tiny his little body is!

Anyway, Benny is just the cutest little guy. He is also crazy and loves to play and eat and sleep, but he keeps me company during the day when I am by myself. It is so comforting to know that there is someone who will greet me when I walk through the door. 
Lucas and I sure love taking care of him. He has taught us so many things, such as patience, controlling our temper, selflessness, and joy that comes from caring for one of God's creations. Benny is the best :)

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