The Work has just gotten sweeter!

The Work has just gotten sweeter!
Espirito Santo, Brasil

Friday, October 7, 2016

My New Mission

Hi Everyone!

So.....a lot has happened over the last year that I have been home from my mission. BYU, teaching at the MTC, and falling in love with someone in a different continent definitely made my life busy yet wonderful. I am now married to my sweetheart, Lucas França, and I am living in the beautiful country of Brazil.

I have been in Brazil for 5 months now and it has been a very humbling and amazing experience for me. I can feel that God wants me to be here to learn something.....and that is my mission now. To figure out what God wants me to learn.

I was talking to my parents today and they gave the idea that I should continue my mission blog and talk about all the experiences and things I am learning while on my new "mission" in Brazil. Even though I won't ever have to change companions, I am now learning a new language and teaching people in their homes (but this time, it's English, not the Gospel). I am trying new foods, meeting new people, and growing as a person. Sounds like a mission to me!

From now on, I will be writing about the things that happen here in Brazil, and talking about what I am learning. Feel free to comment!